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We cater to all your confectionery and baking products requirements in Dubai and other part of the Emirates. We regularly supply to Reputed Hotels Bakeries, Sweet and Chocolate Manufactures, Restaurants and Caterers. We import and export Confectionery specially Fruit Pulp, Fruit Juice, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Baking Products, Flavor, Concentrate, Syrup, Gelatin, Artificial & Natural Colors, Soft Drink Powder, Caramalised Sugars..


Also : All Kinds of Nuts whole and broken, Dry Fruits, Chocolate Powder, Ice-Cream Mix, Toppings, Cookie, Fillings, Corn flour, Custard Powder, Dip Compounds, Jelly, Cake Ingredients, Cake Frosting, Cake Icings, Glazes, Instant Powders, Sorbet and more..


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