Chocolate Products

Chocolate Products

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Our Chocolate Products:

Chocolate Liquor/Cocoa Mass
Cocoa Mass Liquor Flakes
Cocoa Mass Liquor Paste
Organic Cocoa Mass

100% Pure Cocoa Powder
10-12% Fat
20-22% Fat
22-24% Fat

Chocolate Bars
White Pastel Upright Bars
Patisserie Coating Upright Bars
Semisweet Choc Bars
Milk Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Shavings – Decorate, dust a cake or dessert with grated chocolate.
Chocolate Curls – Milk, Dark Chocolate Curls
Chocolate Shavings – Milk, Dark White Chocolate Shavings
Marbled Chocolate Curls
Marbled Chocolate Shavings  
Chocolate Pieces

Chips, Chunks & Inclusions – Best for Baking rich, creamy flavor
Cocoa Chips 
Chocolates Chips – Milk,  Dark
Gourmet Chips – caramelized
Large Chocolate Chunks
White Chunks
Chocolate chip inclusions – Just improve the chocolate’s overall flavor or look     with Dark, Milk, White Chocolates with added:
Fruitssun-dried cranberries, freeze-dried strawberries, apple bits.
spearmint flavoring, bitter orange extract, ginger oil. 
Herbs & Spices – peppermint leaves, ground cardamom, whole peppercorns.
Saltsea salt, flake salt, salt crystals.  
Nuts & Nibsroasted or raw cacao nibs, whole nuts, praline.
Others  – olive oil, caramel, rose petals.

Chocolate Drops – Best for cookies, cakes, brownies and chocolate dispersion
Butterscotch Drops
White Chocolate Drops
10-12% Natural Cocoa
10-12% Natural Cocoa Box
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Drops
Semi-Sweet MINI Choc Drops

Chocolate Discs -No Tempering best for dipping, drizzling, molding, coating.
Vanilla Flavored Chocolate Discs
Milk Chocolate Discs
Dark Chocolate Discs

Chocolate Candy