Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortenings

Hydrogenated vegetable shortenings

Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortenings : what is it?

Hydrogenated shortenings are the biggest group of fats used in the commercial baking industry. They feature the following characteristics:

  • They are made from much the same oils as margarine.
  • They are versatile fats with good creaming ability.
  • Their hydrogenation differs according to the specific use for which the fat is designed.
  • They are 100% fat – no water.
  • They keep well for six to nine months.

Variations on these shortenings are: emulsified vegetable shortenings, roll-in pastry shortenings, and deepfrying fats.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil – Aseel Ghee

Aseel Ghee 16 kg : Made in U.A.E

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil – Dalda Ghee

Dalda Vegetable Ghee 16 kg : Vegetable ghee, free from animal fat. Made in Oman